Finding the right size and fit

The Upstate Size Guide is a size advisor feature in which a customer can visually compare different garment sizes on different body types in the comfort of your own home. By selecting a model that represents your size, the Upstate online shop adjusts to showcase all products on that particular figure, thus making the garment comparison in terms of style and size more realistic, simple and fun.


The process also enables buying clothing online as a gift, as the buyer can easily skim through the collection using gift recipient’s body type, and subsequently choose the right size with better accuracy.

Alternatively finding the right size and fit can be done by comparing our product measurements with a garment of your own. Each product page features a full list of measurements alongside easy-to-use size conversion charts. All products are individually measured by Upstate staff to ensure accuracy.


Model measurements

For exact model measurements, please see the table below. All measurements are in centimetres.


  Sam Peter Rock Jhon Ronaldo
Height 173 176 180 185 192
Weight 68 70 79 85 93
Chest circumference 98 101 104 107 102
Waist circumference 81 81 87 85 96
Neck circumference 40 41 41 43 45
Arm length 58 60 61 64 70